Thursday, February 25, 2010

7 Rules for Deeper Inner Peace

Leadership skills are not one skill set, but rather an amalgam of many different skills involving communicating, delegating, recognizing, empowering, and of course "inner peace". Leadership emerges from doing whatever it takes to do the right thing for others as well as the organization. Leaders can talk about what is right, but it only has meaning if they live by their words. To a member of a jump rope team, leadership is example. And so it must be for us.
Leadership is a cornerstone attribute that many in positions of power have used to better themselves, their people, and their organizations. As such it does not belong in the ivory tower; it is part and parcel of the fabric of a successful organization.

One integral part of being a good leader is having inner peace. When your heart and mind is focused towards your goals, it is just one step towards leading yourself and your followers towards it.

But it cannot happen if our hearts and mind is not focused. To focus our hearts and minds towards our goals, we have to gain inner peace in them.
What is leadership to a child? All of the below and more, of course.

1. Feel things fully
Expanding your capacity to feel things more fully – is one of those things that can dramatically improve your capacity to experience inward peace.

2. Remove tolerations
As humans we have this amazing ability to “make things OK” and to allow things to drain our energy in our environments.

3. Regret proof your life

There are many ways to regret proof your life : Do your best – always. When things get off track start fresh. Lower your implusivity – do things with your feelings and your thinking in alignment with intentionality.

4. Have a “connection” practice
Inward peace that comes from meaning and inspiration is one of the most rewarding elements of inward peace. Whether it is a meditative practice like walking, meditating, writing, or just being out in nature or being of service to your community.

5. Know what you want and don’t want in life
There are so many people in this world with out a clear definition of what they want, what success would look like – that when they actually reach it – they loose out on the opportunity to relax .

6. Take a positive stance
Attracting more ease in your life through the use of language is one of the more simple changes to start making on your own. There are many words we use for example which can keep us further from a state of inward peace.

7. Do the work
Doing the work or the practice that is needed to accomplish is not often talked about as a way to create greater inward peace. The key here is to understand what happens to us when we are willing to do the work towards our goals and intentions. When there is a full willingness – there is more allowing that happens, and it is that allowing that brings us closer to peace. When we resist – we often take ourselves into a place of frustration and isolation. Two places that are quite distant from peace.

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